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Attention Potential Whistleblowers

WARNING: If you believe your employer or individuals at your work place are committing fraud on federal or state money programs, or tax or securities fraud, DO NOT communicate with us from your company e-mail, computers, fax, phone or any communication device.

If you have information about fraud taking place in your workplace, we can help you resolve the problem without risking your job, your health, or your family. There may also be a substantial cash reward for reporting the fraud, sometimes in the millions of dollars. 

Because we cannot guarantee that your employer is not monitoring your communications, we recommend contacting us from your personal telephone or e-mail. We can help you if you are worried about what will happen because you did the right thing and reported potential fraud, but there is no need to take unnecessary risks.

Also BE WARNED that, in some states or courts that have less respect for privacy, if your case ends up in litigation, the defendant Corporation may be able to get court ordered access to your personal computers and communication devices, and you could have your case dismissed for alleged "spoliation of evidence" if you destroyed or discarded your hard drive or computer memory after your lawsuit was started.

So please, be safe and use your personal or home computer or telephone to talk with us. We’re here to help.